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Summer School

Walks & Excursions

Walks & Excursions

Explore, walk and analyze not just the town but also external locations played an important role during Summer School. The participants went for a walk to several locations in the surroundings of the town, such as "La Fiumara", "La Grecia", and "La Petrara".


Also, as an excursion, the participants visited the town of Sellia, which is located 20 minutes away from Simeri, and some Agroturismos where it was possible to learn about the production of local products and the tourism in the region. 


The analysis of the territory as a network and the relevant elements of the landscape helped to have a comprehensive understanding of the town.

Talks & Inputs

Talks & Inputs

The participants of the Summer School received inspiring input from experts and professionals, who share their time and knowledge.


The main learnings were about the local heritage, culture, landscape, design, and the community in Simeri. Altogether provides the basis for the upcoming process in order to activate the physical space together with inhabitants and internationals. 

Among the guest speakers were:

  • Andrea Balestrini from the Landscape architecture studio LAND

  • The team from La Rivoluzione delle Seppie

  • Guglielmo Minervino

  • Lena Wegmann

  • Elena Longhin

  • Fabiana Sinisi

  • Jannis Schiefer

  • Nicola Guida 

Mapping & Workshop

Mappings & Workshops

Through several workshops, the participants analyzed the built environment, the public space, and the co-relational landscape. 


Also, using numerous mapping exercises, participants walk around the town and the surroundings, both in teams and individually, and capture the status-quo of the territory. 




Co-design is one of the fundamental pillars for the Simeri Lab and also for the Summer School.


Through a dynamic exercise, the participants walked through the town and chatted with the local inhabitants. The conversations and interviews focused on understanding in a more detailed way the past, present, and future of the town.


The information obtained from this exercise is an essential input for the design and planning of the following phases that allow reactivating Simeri.