Simeri Laboratorio Urbano is an experimental practice for the regeneration of rural landscapes and reactivation of public spaces and public life.

We are a collective acting in a network of local and international actors and apply a co-creative approach based on a strong sense of community and local actions

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We are a passionate and international team of different backgrounds, spanning from architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning, sharing the mission of creating better spaces for people.

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Architect at RABE-Landschaften in Hamburg. He studied architecture at the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria and a Master's degree in Architecture and territorial planning at the Polytechnic of Turin with a focus on urban development. Flavio's work is dedicated to the regeneration of marginal areas.

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Urban Planner

Urban Planner at urbanista in Hamburg. He studied Urban Planning at the Technical University of Dortmund, Valencia and the University of Barcelona with a focus on urban design. Sven's work is dedicated to find people-centered solutions by participatory approaches and co-creation strategies.

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Architect and researcher in Urban Planning.
She studied at the Politecnico di Milano and currently she is a PhD student at the IUAV University of Venice and the TU Universität Berlin in a “joint PhD” project. Lorenza's work is dedicated to developing new ways of working and feeding the local community with an inclusive and social approach.


Communications Manager and Journalist

She works both as a freelance communications manager and journalist, as well as copywriter and producer for independent film projects, episodic television and commercial productions. Helen's work is dedicated to facilitating productive cross-cultural relationships. 

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Architect & Urban Planner

Architect at More of Us in Hamburg. She studied architecture at the Pontificia Bolivariana University in Colombia made her Master's degree in Urban Management and Development at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam with a focus on sustainable urban development. Sara's work is dedicated to design and urban research.

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Landscape Architect

She studied Landscape Architecture at the universities of Genoa and Turin, with a focus on Green Areas and Landscape Design. Greta's work is dedicated to the evolution of the rural space, in relation to the energy transition and the transformation of the socio-economic framework.

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Giulia Gualtieri
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Urban Planner, Architect and Researcher

Giulia is a partner at Huasipichanga, a consultancy that focuses on urban transformation through co-creation processes and inclusive practice globally. Furthermore, she works as a researcher at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science in Civic Interaction Design lectorate, where she is involved in the research project “From Prevention to Resilience: Design Public Space in Times of Pandemic”. She holds an MSc in Urban Management & Development from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, and her background is in architecture. Giulia’s work is dedicated to participatory urban development and design.


Co-creation is based on the collaboration of people. We are pleased to work with experts from various backgrounds that extend our know-how and experience.

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Dr. Luisa 
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Academic Scholar, Activist, Urban Designer and Social Entrepreneur

Luisa Bravo is a global academic scholar and educator, social entrepreneur and public space activist. She has more than 15-years experience in the professional field as urban planner and designer with a specific focus on public space. Her expertise is grounded in extensive academic postdoctoral research and teaching.



 Graduated in archeology at the Eastern University of Naples, specialized in medieval archeology, he dedicates his life to study and do field activities in cultural heritage. Since 2017 he has been president of the Asperitas association that deals with the promotion and enhancement of the Calabrian cultural heritage.



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